• Me: mana wyrm why do you have bracers yoU DONT HAVE ARMS

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, summarized.
  • Iron Man: The cool sibling everyone loves.
  • The Incredible Hulk (pre-Ruffalo): The middle child that's just...there.
  • Captain America: The family favorite.
  • Ghost Rider: The red-headed stepchild of the family.
  • X-Men: The foster kids; some are good, some have serious issues, and they've changed homes more than once.
  • Thor: The older sibling off at college but everyone looks forward to when they visit.
  • The Amazing Spiderman: Part of a set of twins, although kinda 'quirky' ended up being hella more normal than his brother.
  • Spiderman: Was normal before he got into drugs and is now the family disappointment.
  • The Avengers: FAMILY REUNION!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: The new baby so everyone's giving it attention.

Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.

UPDATE: She made it worse.

Because this is EXACTLY what you say to someone with financial anxiety, obvs.

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Commissions: HELP A SUCKA OUT


Okay, here’s the deal…

Mun recently broke up with boyfriend, which is fine he was a twat. But Mun had to move in with grandparents again.

I love my grandparents, I help around the house and they are great to me, and while I’m dedicating my time towards schooling that will get me a well paying job later, they need help paying bills now. My grandmother was crying because car registration went up, my uncle’s medication is expensive, and the electric bill was icing on the cake.

So, while commissions have never closed? I’m putting it out there again that I do 1 cent per word, and a dollar per short paragraph blurb.

I want to be able to do art trades but at the present time I can’t.

I know money is tight, and it’s okay if you can’t get a commission, but if you could pass this along it’s be greatly appreciated.

You can contact me here, at heraclesstvalentine, or LizzySledgeHammer@hotmail.com. I’ll give info, answer questions, don’t be shy!


heart eyes muthafukas

exit-stage-crowley ribbited:"Welcome back Darling"

Well, the real world can’t get rid of me that easily.

It just…holds me in a oxygen-depriving death grip and sometimes it takes a while to regain consciousness.

I’ve gotten down to November 2012. I thought after I got through the old first Halloween spam, things were going to get easier to retag and whatnot because shortly after that I know I moved to my RP blog, since I set up a Christmas queue that eventually…petered out.


November just keeps going on and on and on. Like I’m still scrolling and still haven’t reached the end of that month’s posts.

And I realized why.

This was the month I found Lizzy’s blog and followed it.

And also began chatting up Exit, which led to Baubles and Brimstone’s founding.

This month is when I met you insane people.

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I need to do homework and school stuff, and I finally dropped back into the double digits of my blog cleanup, but I feel so terrible today. My back hurts, my stomach hurts as my gastrointestinal tract is in open revolt, there’s a constant concern if these itchy places that keep cropping up are flea bites or stress rashes, I’m light-headed, and I’m bleeding from an orifice but unfortunately that last one’s actually normal.

Oh god how am I supposed to endure stats class this week when I want to burst into tears over the slightest provocation.

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I just spent the past 8 hours doing six loads of laundry, clorox-wiping, vacuuming, febreezing and otherwise cleaning and organizing my dorm room. I want to amputate my feet but holy shit I got so much done today.

(Now let’s never clean again.)

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I’ve only retagged, fixed the inlines, and deleted dead-end/obsolete material of 30 pages worth of posts in like two days.

Part of me wants to just give up and delete the other 160 pages and start over from there because uggggh this is tedious as hell.

…finally finished my vicious encounter with the wild fanged beast of HTML. Damn this blog looks good. I could make love to this blog.

Now I still have three days left before classes start…this means I have until the 18th to:

  • retag and clean out over 300 pages of poorly and obsessively tagged posts UPDATE: It’s only 192! Woohoo!
  • clean my dorm room and pray that the fact that it’s move-in weekend doesn’t impede me from borrowing a vacuum cleaner
  • buy a calculator for stats class…which means I’ll have three of the damn things at this point
  • find out if stats class needs that damn math lab program (Well it needed -A- damn math lab program but since I’m a Psych major, I got my code for free, aw yeah.)
  • watch last three episodes of Pushing Daisies so I can catch up on AHS and Grimm by October in time for the new seasons (WES IS GONNA BE A VILLAIN ON AHS:FREAK SHOW I AM SO EXCITE)
  • finish reading Dracula like I intended to do so I can move on to Frankenstein


  • get new art tablet set up and start drawing with it
  • cook and eat something that isn’t saltines in vodka sauce (but damn if vodka sauce isn’t delicious)
  • get the sleep back under control

…and I should probably clean out my Inbox(es) while I’m at it given that I haven’t glanced at those in several months, either.

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